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Staples to begin the 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge

A friend recently told me she is going to take some time to eat foods that are both clean and vegan.¬† She said she has done this before and ended up feeling fabulous. I’ve decided to accept the clean eating challenge for 10 days, beginning this Thursday, April 13. Today I ventured to Whole Foods and stocked up on lentils, greens, grains, walnuts, berries¬†and other staples that will help me to cook vegan, clean food that is also yummy. I also bought some organic flour and yeast, because I’m going to be making bread.


In case you’re unfamiliar with what clean eating is, it basically means you avoid processed foods and eat whole foods. I’m vegetarian, not 100% vegan, so I’ll also be adding the vegan component to my challenge.

Join me in the 10-day vegan, clean-eating challenge!


* I will take a break from the challenge Easter Sunday, but be back at it the following Monday.


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Sunset over pierA lot of my friends are in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Many of them are interested in looking and feeling better. They want to reverse aging.

Is this possible? Although aging is a natural occurrence, there are ways to hold back the hands of time. By maintaining a positive mental attitude; eating a whole foods, plant based diet; and exercising regularly, it’s possible to look and feel younger than your chronological age.

My friend Brian Cummings and I decided to write a book containing strategies to reverse aging. I’m pleased to announce it is now available through kindle or a pdf download. Titled It’s Not Rocket Science: 52 Resolutions, this book contains one resolution for each week of the year that will help you look and feel years younger! And at only $4.99, it is affordable too. We hope you will enjoy our book!

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BGK6KK2 – Book listing on Amazon.com

www.fiftytworesolutions.com (website for more info and to order a pdf download)

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